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    When I plugged my BB Pearl 8130 into my computer it said I had updates. Everything went well so it seems except that when I was rearranging the homescreen icons ubertwitter icon was there then disappeared. I checked the show all, it is no where to be found! However it does show in the application list. Also I can send a picture to ubertwitter then it comes up with my tweets but when I close it then there is no icon so I do not know how to open it. I have had ubertwitter for months on this phone with no issues, until I updated to v4.5.0.138 platform I am on verizon. I did try uninstall and reinstall, and a battery pull. I cannot find ubertwitter app anywhere even though the application list on the device and desktop manager says that it is there. Please help me find ubertwitter.
    Also another odd thing, the update erased all my reoccurring appointments but seemed to keep the individual appointments.
    Thank you,

    UPDATE; I found that when I switched to the BB themes the ubertwitter reappeared, but switching back to the verizon default theme it was gone???
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