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    Hey guys, I am having a slight problem, every time I try to access Crackberry.com from my pearl's browser it processes my request and then the screen goes completely white. I can immediately access my menu, go to another website, or navigate to the home screen but I just can't get to crackberry no matter how I try. So far I have tried the direct address of two different ways, [url=http://crackberry.com]CrackBerry.com and http://www.crackberry.com, and have also tried to connect from a google-ed link. Every attempt has resulted in the white screen.

    I have never had this problem before with any of my other blackberries and it seems to be just this one website that I am blocked from. As far as I know this is the device's only glitch. ANY help that someone can give me will be much appreciated.

    11-27-09 11:04 AM
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    Problem solved, just had to go through the mobile site. Thanks though
    11-27-09 11:25 AM