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    I use Blackberry Pearl 9105 3G (with classic keypad / traditional alphanumeric / candybar) and i got a problem.

    When i do email setting, i accidentally approve the sync between my email and my Blackberry contact and calendar (which is always show when we put new email account in Blackberry). I forget to uncheck the synchronization box.
    Now in my contacts always show this;


    There's a box above the contact name&number:
    Synchronize Using :

    And if you go to Contacts > Menu > Options
    it will appear like this


    The contact list should be default there, but now it changes with two emails like that. I need help to remove my emails in my contact lists in Blackberry Pearl

    It's really annoying because it multiplies the contacts number.

    There's an official hint/solution from Blackberry here > Article ID : KB21118

    It says;

    How to remove a Gmail contact list from the BlackBerry smartphone

    Note: Gmail is known as Google Mail™ in some countries.
    Note: Back up the BlackBerry smartphone. For assistance creating a backup file, see KB12487.
    1. From the Home screen of the BlackBerry smartphone, click Options > Advanced Options > Service Books.
    2. Highlight the <username>@gmail.com [SYNC] service book. Press the Menu key and choose Delete.
    3. Open Contacts on the BlackBerry smartphone.
    4. Press the Menu key and click Options.
    5. Type RSET in the Contacts options (this can be typed anywhere in the Contacts Options screen).
    Note: For the BlackBerry Storm™ smartphone and BlackBerry Storm2™ smartphone, press the Menu key to Show Keyboard.
    6. The following prompt appears: [IMAGE] > Wipe all contact lists?

    7. Click Yes.

    But i can't find how to type RSET for Blackberry Pearl 9105 which non-qwerty.

    From other forum (http://forums.crackberry.com/busines...entries-83247/), i found that Blackberry Pearl 8110 use 11??12 or ER ER AS AS TY TY (i forget)

    "I performed this on my Pearl 8110 after a couple of tries. You have to use multi-tap, so hit '11??12' (this equals 'rset' in multitap). "

    The function of RSET is : Go to Contacts -> Options and type Alt+ RSET ; this is to reset the contact sync.

    Anyone can help me? Any help would be highly appreciated.
    Thank you.

    10-13-11 08:19 PM