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    So i was trying to upgrade the OS to the v4.5.0.181. And idk what happen but now the phone shows a white screen that has a circle with a cross across it and a window bar in the middle. and says 507 under it. I did a battery pull and when I put my usb back it didnt get recognize under Desktop Manager.
    11-30-09 06:24 PM
  2. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    Evo! You bricked? Hook it up, and open CrackUtil, I know it's 507, but no ahead and do an application wipe anyway. Then close CrackUtil, and start loader.exe. It should recognize the Pearl, and get that baby back in operation mode.

    WAPers do it With A Passion

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    11-30-09 06:35 PM
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    yeah man i was like no wtf did i do?! Okay I did the crackutil and even though it said disconnected on my DM its loading 4.5 stuff on there. Idk why i couldnt find loader.exe, when i go to the RIM folder in program files i only see DM folder and nothing else. Also just wondering when you download the os from the bb site and it saves where you choose into an exe you run the exe and then isnt there suppose to be a file that opens from it after you run it and install it? like the OS file? Right now its almost down its connecting to the device and I see the hourglass symbol and no 507 so thats some good news.
    Thanks for your help, your always there and know what to do!
    11-30-09 07:09 PM
  4. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    No problem Evo. That's really strange that there's no folders in Research In Motion, but I have a feeling I know why. You have to go, Program Files->Common Files->Research in Motion to get to the folders you're looking for. You'll also find a Research in Motion folder directly in Program Files, but it's not going to contain the Apploader folder, or the Shared folder that you're looking for.

    WAPers do it With A Passion

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    11-30-09 07:21 PM
  5. Evolancer13's Avatar
    Once again soo much thanks to you! I found loader.exe ran it and then ran my backup so all my old stuff was on it and I just rebooted it and everything works and im enjoying the new OS.
    Thanks so much bro!
    11-30-09 07:52 PM
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    I hear tell youre doin well,
    Good things have come to you.
    I wish I had your good-luck charm,
    And you had a do-wacka-do, wacka do, wacka-do, wacka-do.

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    11-30-09 07:55 PM