1. xmidge315's Avatar
    Several weeks ago, my mobile network apparently experienced an impaired data connection in the area, and I was unable to send SMS texts, however, could still send and recieve calls.

    A few days ago, I experienced a similar problem; however, this problem has persisted, and my phone will not even receive calls. This is obviously a concern of mine. EVEN WHEN it shows that I have reception and connection to the network, cannot send or recieve; [small blue arrow pointing up only blinks in the corner of the phone instead of two arrows?]

    As other models of cell phones seem to be working fine, I think my phone may be having problems, not just the network; how can i fix these technical issues?????

    [I have already tried the battery-pulling trick many many times, as well as upgrading the software, however it was of no use.

    I'm bad with programming. help?
    11-30-09 01:26 PM
  2. zocster's Avatar
    so what OS have you updated to? also, have you tried replacing the SIM card with the one that is known to work? SIM cards do break from time to time.
    11-30-09 02:23 PM
  3. xmidge315's Avatar
    4.5 I believe? whatever is available on the blackberry website. And this sim card is fine it works in another model. Which is why im wondering if I just dropped my berry one too many times maybe
    11-30-09 08:45 PM