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    Im fairly new to blackberries, but in the past month Ive learned a lot. I am having trouble with my second Flip of the month now, the same issue that I had with my first Flip. Its a weird problem to try to explain, but I'll try my best. I come into work and my phone sits in a spot with a fairly weak signal, but it is 1XEV with 2 bars for most of the time. For most of the morning my mail comes in ok, from Gmail using IMAP. Typically towards the middle of the day I notice I havent received an email in a while, and I start sending myself test emails from my work email, and they don't go through to my phone. I ask my wife to send me a BB message, and those don't go through as well. Her phone tells her that I am unreachable. I've had this problem occur at home as well, where there is a stronger signal.

    No matter how strong of a signal area my phone goes to next, it wont wake up from this kind of "sleep" mode until I go onto the internet and refresh a page (or go to a new page). It then instantly wakes up, and I receive all the messages I was supposed to receive for the past however many hours.

    Am I missing a setting or something? Ive tried all the service book refreshes, my email is mapped correctly I am pretty sure, I've done the battery pulls. Now I am hoping one of the experts here can give me some help. Thank you.

    P.S. I can receive SMS and phone calls during these times, but they don't "wake up" the phone from the email/BBM outage.
    08-06-09 12:10 PM