1. uncle_tony's Avatar
    Hi, this is my first post, I've surfed the forums a bit and you all seem great at giving help. I have my fingers crossed you can help me as I am close to commiting murder, possibly towards my 8100 or maybe an innocent bystander!

    I have a Pearl 8100 with Orange UK service provider.

    I have installed Google services, none of which work, I get the message:

    unable to connect to WAP gateway at the following address:
    APN: orangewap
    PORT 9201

    Also Gmail tells me to go to Gmail FAQ as the blackberry needs to be recongfiguered.

    I spoke to Orange who told me I need to register Blackberry orange support via triple w dot blackberry dot orange dot co dot uk which I tried to do, however I am unable to access the page via a desktop, it tells me I need to access it from my blackberry, which I've tried, it tellls me that the page is inaccesable from an HTML browser and to access from my device, even when I am accessing it from my device. As such I can't setup the BIS, which means I can't setup email. which means I can't register the blackberry orange support to enable apps such as google maps, blackberry maps etc.

    I am at the end of my tether.
    10-08-07 06:55 AM
  2. uncle_tony's Avatar
    All you need to do is add 'orangewap' to TCP settings in advanced options. No username or password needed.

    10-09-07 09:50 AM
  3. ericsilver's Avatar
    Hello - I am trying to delete the autosignature on my 8830 and i am being told that i need to do that via the desktop manager. There, I am being told that i need to set up the bis account -- but i can only do that via the handheld -- but -- i cannot see where to do that?

    thx for any help.
    10-17-07 08:55 AM
  4. wolfscmb's Avatar
    ericsilver ... you will have alot better help getting answers to your issues if first you search and then start a new thread if needed ....

    you should try searching the forums for alltel's BIS website .... you can then log in and edit your auto signature there.
    10-17-07 09:22 AM