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    ok heres my problem, this is my second 9100, my girlfriend and her sister have one and never present any problem like this, when i bought my first 9100 i use it like 4 months and then it start presenting some problems with the keyboard lighting, when the keyboard turn on, its was normal, but two seconds later half of the keyboard just turn off (only the keys fron the rigth side), and i didnt find a way to turn it on again, but if i wait for the entire keyboard to turn off and press any key, again the entire keyboard turn on, and to seconds later the half turn off... i get a new phone again a 9100, like 4 months ago, and today... bang... the half off the keyboard just turn off again :/...

    so my question is what am i doing wrong???? maybe my hands sweat to much??? maybe the changes of temperature??? maybe i press the keys to hard??? any clue??? anyone???

    im feeling something its gonna happend to my playbook at this rhythm :/
    thanks in advance
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    04-30-12 04:20 PM
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    Before I replaced my keyboard PCB I had to knock my Pearl on the table to get the right side to light up again. It really could be anything.

    After about month 2 of ownership I started to get multiple characters showing up when I typed, very annoying, you'll see that I'm not the only one suffering with that.

    But after replacing the PCB all of those problems went away.

    Give it a smack, see if that does it.
    05-06-12 08:58 PM