1. mlo22's Avatar
    i go to the website and click download..it shows that it fully downloaded onto my phone...then an error comes up saying
    "this application does not contain a signature.It might not be from a trusted source.Do you want to proceed?"..yes or no..if i click no it will canel the download...
    if i say yes...the operamini will come up and show that it is installing with the little red box on the bottom of the screen...then it will come up with an error message saying "the application operette$2dhifi has attemted to open a connection to a location inside the firewall which is not allowed by your IT policy"...with only the option of OK..like it dosent say yes or no..
    if i click ok it will say...
    Failed to connect to the internet.
    Go to http://operamini.com/helpversion=4.0 with your desktop browser or contact your service provider for internet settings.
    Last edited by mlo22; 03-01-08 at 07:31 PM. Reason: never mind i figure it out!but i will leave this up so other people can see the answers and maybe it will help them
    03-01-08 07:19 PM
  2. Click's Avatar
    Your APN settings aren't correct. Go to Options> Advanced Options > TCP > Now in this screen delete everything out for the APN and the user name and the password. Now in the APN type this in internet2.voicestream.com Leave the user name and password blank. Save this and try to install OM. Now if it says the same thing go back to the APN and type this in wap.voicestream.com STILL leaving the user name and password blank and save. Try OM and it should install! Good Luck and post back and let us know!!
    03-01-08 07:43 PM
  3. kcladygemini's Avatar
    I had the same "Failed to Connect to the Internet" message and changing THE APN from internet2.voicestream.com BACK to how I originally had it set wap.voicestream.com fixed the problem.
    Some other app I had downloaded prior to OM had me change it from "wap" to "internet2" and i'm pretty sure I remember that the change STILL didn't make the other app work. lol
    03-02-08 06:11 AM
  4. uncheels23's Avatar
    ya i just had the same problem and the wap.voicestream.com worked for me

    Thanks !
    03-04-08 09:21 PM
  5. kcladygemini's Avatar
    awesome. glad that helped cuz i was all kinds of confused til i realized i never should have changed it to the internet2 thing from the get go. lol
    03-04-08 09:51 PM