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    Been using 8110 for 6 months - no issue. For some reason at 5.45pm Friday just gone it suddenly got useless. When making or receiving a call all i get is a clicking in the ear and audio clips badly to the level where i can pick up half a syllable evry couple of seconds. The click and clip coincides to on screen volume indicator rythmically clicking up or down about 20% of the range. Both happen reliably, continually and predictably about every 3/4 of second. Utterly unusable and utterly infuriating.

    So what have i tried? Battery out reset - yes. On and off - yes. Factory settings - yes. Even done 2 full upgrades to the latest approved version by o2. Backup restore - the lot that i can think off.

    Tried al the posts, google etc and nada. nothing. Anyone else experienced it or got a suggestion? Its going in the skip otherwise!

    Ta very much!
    03-29-09 02:58 PM
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    typical. after hours looking at this site and others stumbled over the 'popping issue' - but its impacting phone audio not media play! Its the same click / pop you get when you stick the headphone jack in.

    Anyone else found a fix, or had it? Or just me?
    03-29-09 03:36 PM