1. DemonKnight's Avatar
    So I downloaded the addon update for google mail and now I don't see anything different. Did I do something wrong or did I misunderstood totally what the add on is supposed to do?
    08-23-09 11:49 AM
  2. maxknux's Avatar
    You will see Gmail plugin in if you go to the options in the Main Messages app. Within the Gmail Box should be able to see Filter and in the search choose remote be able to search Gmail.

    All of these features somehow work but I now Don't know why I stopped receiving email from Gmail?

    I had the same problem like you which can be due to low memory in your phone if you dip below 15 MB which the phone somehow does not process the program. You should also see a license agreement to accept before use.

    I Don't know why it does not work 100% since there is some stoppage of PUSH Gmail Email. All other Email works.
    It now works for me PUSH email and all.
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    08-24-09 03:32 PM