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    I recently tried upgrading to the 4.5 software on my pearl but after doing it my phone keeps resetting. How do I start over and go back to the 4.2 software? I do not see where I can remove the 4.5 from my phone.
    I did remove the software from control panel and reloaded 4.2 but when i open DM after removing vendor code I select the application loader and it shows downgrade.. However I get the error message Blackberry Fast Input Method Library cant be loaded because missing net.rim.blackberry.inputMethodCoreFull
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    05-07-09 05:55 PM
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    You've got an issue with your media card, or some third party app not working with your new OS. Use this guide, and use the "Wipe" function in CrackMem before loading the OS.

    05-08-09 04:57 AM