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    I'll try to give as much detail here as possible and really need any help I can get as this will help me at work a great deal. So here we go...

    I work as a runner, if you will, for a real estate office. Every day, I take pictures of specific properties and *used* to upload them to my Palm Treo 700p and send them to my office via Gmail.

    I just bought a BB Pearl 8130 and I love it. I use Gmail through the Google Mobile pack which puts a Gmail icon on the homepage and runs as a separate program, *not* through the standard email client that you can set up when you first get you BB (I forget the name).

    What I want to know is once I shoot the photos, remove the MicroSD from the SD Adapter and insert it into my BB, how do I seek out/attach/send these attachments via Gmail?

    In a nutshell, you could say I'm asking how to send attachments via Gmail, but I thought I'd include these details to make my query quite clear. Thanks for any and all help.
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    01-30-08 10:20 PM
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    According to the Gmail support site. It's a no go. can't be done......

    So my option to you would be have you G mail forward you your blackberry BIS or have a separate email box setup under BIS with the Gmail setting then send your email using the black berry email client vs the gmail one....
    01-30-08 11:09 PM
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    u can send a picture thru gmail with blackberry...go to gmail.com and sign in..then scroll all the way down...select basic HTML instead of mobile...then just click compose mail and everything else works just the way a regular computer does! (tell me if this works)
    01-11-11 05:53 PM