1. vpshockwave's Avatar
    I recently went back to my roots and nabbed a new Blackberry Pearl Flip. I absolutely love it! I dont think I'm ever going back to a touchscreen phone again.

    Anyways, onto my issue. On my more recent phone, a Droid Pro, I could pair my phone and headunit (JVC KV-XR810). When I did this, I could control the Pandora app from my headunit (specifically: next track, pause, play -- and of course mute and volume control). I paired my BB and my headunit and though I can hear it, I can't seem to control it. Any ideas? My research tells me the flip is AVRCP capable, so perhaps it's a problem with Pandora?

    Would love any suggestions!

    10-13-11 02:40 AM
  2. RedGreenBlue's Avatar
    It may be that the AVRCP functions of the Flip do not extend to controlling an app. The definition of AVRCP in the 8220 user's guide (page 183) says, "A/V Remote Control (AVRCP) This profile allows you to use the buttons on a Bluetooth enabled headset to perform actions such as adjusting the volume or playing the next or previous media file on your BlackBerry device." It seems unlikely that Pandora would be detected as a media file, though if the AVRCP integration extends beyond headsets to car stereo headunits, you'd think you could still control the volume of the Flip.
    10-13-11 08:50 AM