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    Hi all.

    Got a media card that used to work but now is giving you the dreaded "media card can not be read...make sure the media card is formatted" error? And...when you go to re-format it you get the "Media Card Format Failed" error? Battery Pulls don't seem to make any difference? Can't use the USB cable to read the card ether?...but you can read it with a PC?

    Here's what I did for my 8230 (Verizon) and an 8Gb SanDisk Micro SDHC memory card.

    1) Using a card reader and PC, place your card in and go to MY COMPUTER
    2) Select your Memory Card (it will be labeled as Removable Memory)
    3) Right Click on Removable Memory then select Properties and then Tools
    4) You have three options, you are going to use two of the three
    5) First, perform error-checking (first check box only)
    6) Second, perform a complete Defragment of your card. Yes, do a defrag, but make sure you only perform it on the media card (click Defragment now and only check the box for the Removable Memory)
    5) Insert into card back into phone (note - the phone may immediately tell you the card has errors, if so re-run the error checking in the PC/card reader again)
    6) Insert card back into phone and you should be good to go.

    Believe me, I fought this for 2 weeks and this was the only thing that worked..the defrag was the key. I now have my 7Gb of music back...

    I hope this helps..

    11-02-09 08:08 PM
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    Thanks for the info............. I wish someone had posted this like a month ago before I threw my card away.
    11-03-09 09:45 AM
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    That error happened to my card yesterday. I was about to completely lose it. Thanks so much for posting.
    11-04-09 10:36 AM
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    Glad I could help...
    11-09-09 08:32 PM
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    OMG!!! Thank you so much for this post!! I thought I was going to lose all of my pics and everything I had on my memory card! A window kept popping up with an error and it said to run a check with memroy card software! But I carefully followed the steps above....and got everything back, and now can use my card again!! You are a techological GOD as far as I am concerned!!

    I hope more people find this post, so that they don't replace their cards prematurely as I almost did!!

    Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!

    Blackberrry Curve 8330
    11-14-09 07:38 PM
  6. sabast20's Avatar
    No problem.
    11-23-09 08:27 PM