1. dhoium3009's Avatar
    I was looking for a free file explorer for the flip. I'm pretty poor and can't afford my books for school, so my friend bought them and I took the cd with the e-book and copied it to my computer. Well I found out the flip plays pdf's like my old wm6.1 phone does so I transferred them onto there. Only problem is, I can't browse to open the file. The only way I can open it is to find the email to myself and open the attachment, which I downloaded onto my phone.

    I might be willing to pay like $6 for a file explorer for it, but money is tight during xmas. I tried the free trial of efile and it sucks, it bogs the phone down so bad its not even worth using. I found another one, forgot what it is, but it costs $15, which I guess I could do but I'd rather not pay that much, especially w/o trying it first.

    Any ideas on a good free/cheap file explorer?
    12-17-08 01:28 PM
  2. sunkast's Avatar
    To open a PDF document saved on the phone (not attached to an email), you need a PDF viewer. Docs2Go Premium, Repligo PDF, and BeamReader all support PDF viewing. However they all cost money. The only free option is viewing the PDF from an email.
    12-17-08 01:37 PM