1. Schteevie's Avatar
    I am new to Blackberry - the pearl 8130 is my first PDA

    Several mp4 files that test fine on my computer but don't play for more then a few seconds on my pearl with out hanging or looping on an error...

    I have a sandisk 4 GB card - is it possibly a bad media card?
    Is the video player just really poor and unable to deal with slight errors in files with out hanging?
    12-05-07 11:52 PM
  2. BucksCountyBob's Avatar
    The native video format for the pearl is 3gp, although it can (sort of) play mp4. There are free and low cost converters available (I ponied up the 19 bucks for Mobiola) on line. Try the free or free demo of one of these converters first and see if it solves your problem. I have not had any issues with playing 3gp files.
    12-06-07 05:43 AM