1. shalea#IM's Avatar
    Hi, I received the following message during a back-up.
    Error backing up database(s)

    [Browser Data Cache] 3 of 19 entries retrieved
    [Theme settings] 0 of 1 entries retrieved

    I type "Ok" and then it says "back up files were successfully created" and click "OK" again. I can see the created file on my computer.

    What does this error msg mean and how do I fix/repair it? I plan to upgrade to the Tour tomorrow and want to make sure that all my important phone data is stored so that I don't have to retype anything. Is this something that I should worry about?

    08-05-09 06:36 PM
  2. Lynda33's Avatar
    dang ive never had this happen. try clearing your browser data cache and how many themes do you have? how many of the themes are non-stock themes that youve downloaded?
    08-05-09 06:45 PM
  3. shalea#IM's Avatar
    I just cleared my browser cache and have added 2 add'l themes other than the ones that came w/the phone. I just picked up my Tour and will do 1 last back-up before using the "Device Switch" function on my DM.
    08-06-09 11:03 AM