1. dnaL0R's Avatar
    i cant get the desktop manager to work for my phone... i have the v4.3 on my phone so i DL the v4.3 manager from the bb site... when i try to connect my phone and try to upload themes and junk along with delete features like the vac, it only recognizes the apps that i DL, none that came with the phone... can some tell me exactly what i need to DL to fully utilize the desktop manager with my 8130? thnx in advance... i've been working on it for a couple nights now and i think i have DL the actual manager prog about 3 times... i am SO confused~!! sos
    12-08-07 08:57 PM
  2. juwaack68's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums.

    Have you downloaded and installed your device's OS on your PC? You need that as well as DM.
    12-08-07 09:17 PM
  3. dnaL0R's Avatar
    hello, thnx...

    no i have no idea where to DL it from... every link i go to is for the DM not for "the PC"
    12-08-07 09:39 PM
  4. juwaack68's Avatar
    You can to here to find the OS download for your device:

    BlackBerry Operating System Downloads - BlackBerryFAQ

    Download the file, then double click on it to load it on your PC.
    12-08-07 09:40 PM
  5. dnaL0R's Avatar
    i need the v4.3 for sprint... the link above only has up to v4.1
    12-08-07 09:43 PM
  6. juwaack68's Avatar
    12-08-07 09:48 PM
  7. orle8050's Avatar
    I am getting the same errors. I think it is a problem with the desktop manager. Try loading the program OTA.
    12-09-07 11:14 AM
  8. kscho's Avatar
    I have the same issue. I posted it in another thread. I installed the DM from the CD that came with the device. I then went to verizon's site to download the OS, it appeared to be the same software. I'm trying to open email applications and was told to check the "attachments" box in the software. It's not there, all I have is the software that I downloaded, not what came with the phone.
    12-11-07 09:24 AM
  9. dnaL0R's Avatar
    yea, im pretty much just going to give it a rest for now... maybe they need to work out some bugs or something because its sort of new... i'll try again in a month or two, but i really want to take the full advantage of my bb and its' features...
    12-11-07 09:29 AM
  10. kscho's Avatar
    I installed version 4.3. Then downloaded version 4.4.4 SP2, and had the same problem. (this was suggested in another thread)
    The Application loader still only shows the third party apps that I installed, not the ones already on the phone.

    Anyone have any other suggestions?
    I'm ready to return my 8130, Desktop Software does not work (above), can't open email attachments, downloaded Beamberry and it has "server connection errors".

    These are the things I bought the 8130 for, no sense keeping it if it does not work!!
    12-11-07 03:03 PM