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    I'm so scared. My battery drained today (unusually fast) and I was surprised to see my battery gauge completely empty. I think the device was supposed to shut itself off or something, but I don't know because the next time i checked it, it was totally dead.

    I tried cutting it on, but it was 100% unresponsive. and when I finally made it home to charge it, the little charging LED light won't come on at all. Its DEAD!

    I know the USB port and cable are both fine. It's been almost a whole hour of being plugged in but still no LED and no sign of life whatsoever.

    Whats going on? Is my Pearl dead? Is it not salvagable? I don't understand how it could just die like that. I want to break down and cry, because I'll get blamed for it not turning on and I won't get another one. I wish I knew what was wrong with it!
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    03-14-08 11:55 PM
  2. boss4life#AC's Avatar
    How old is your BB?
    03-15-08 12:01 AM
  3. Garz's Avatar
    Maybe you have a defective battery. Go to your provider and ask if you can use one of there batteries to test your BB out.

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    03-15-08 12:02 AM
  4. sunkast's Avatar
    Try the AC charger. Usually if a battery is completely used, the USB method to charge won't work.
    03-15-08 12:06 AM
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    i'm already using the AC charger, its been plugged in with no LED for 2 hours now, i don't know how old the BB is but my uncle's been using it for at least a year and it's been perfectly fine all that time, and i can't believe this is happening

    he just gave it to me 2 days ago!

    oh and when i plug it up to the PC it makes that "found hardware" noise but then it immediately makes the "disconnected hardware" noise. and im thinking maybe its some kind of life deep down in there because i tried plugging my calculator into my PC and it doesn't make the "found hardware" noise until i actually turn the calculator on. so maybe its just a really really dead battery and the BB's fine.

    is it possible for the battery to be so depleted that the LED can't come on?
    03-15-08 12:40 AM
  6. Garz's Avatar
    Yes it is possible.

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    03-15-08 01:09 AM
  7. brynden's Avatar
    omg omg omg omg omg!
    its working! i don't know what happened but
    it's working! its charging its charging the LED came on outta nowhere! omg omg omg i can't believe this!

    From now on, only over my dead or similarly unconscious body will that phone ever drain down to ZERO like that again!!!!!!!
    03-15-08 04:01 AM
  8. brynden's Avatar
    p.s. thanks garz
    i guess that was what was happening
    03-15-08 06:43 AM
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    I have a dead Blackberry Pearl. USB port will not charge. Same kinds of issues as the thread. Does anyone have any suggestions? I went into ATT and we tried 3 different charges and 2 different batteries with no luck.....suggestions?
    11-23-09 12:57 PM