1. pab1953's Avatar
    Can an 8100 battery be so dead it won't recharge?

    I had a radio station playing on my phone and fell asleep. When I woke up, the battery was drained and putting it on the charger did nothing. I removed and replaced the battery, but that didn't help.

    For its part, the LED is a mournfully pulsing red light.Does that mean anything?

    11-14-07 09:56 PM
  2. wnbamiamisol's Avatar
    I was on my 2nd 8100 Pearl in the past year. Got this one Sept. 28. Worked fine until Wednesday. Charged it overnight. Read some email and it shut down. I don't mean off - I mean down. Tried a new battery, which did nothing. The original battery is totally dead. The phone will not work while plugged into the electric outlet and it will not 'charge.' It has never been dropped, been in the water or had any mods.

    I contacted T-Mobile, who has begun the S-L-O-W replacement process. In the meantime, I purchased a new 8100, and will give the refurb T-Mobile exhange (when it eventually comes) to my boyfriend. Talk about re-gifting!
    11-17-07 02:28 PM