1. jibble#CB's Avatar
    Hi there, I have had my BB8100 for about 2 weeks, it is an awesome phone, I have it sync via bluetooth to my diary at work etc, colour pearl, blah blah blah. However, I may be the only person on this earth who does not have internet access on my BB. I don't really need it for work so decided to go without. Now there is a time issue in NZ with daylight savings on these and mine keeps dropping one hour about 3 times a day no matter what the date/time source is set on. It seems there is a fix but you can only download it via the BB on the internet. I have had many people have a look and had no luck with it. I can download a fix on the web (my computer) but it is a different file type (.jab from memory) and not either of the 2 file types accepted by the appliaction loader. Any help will be greatfully received as i have had about enough of never being reminded of my reminders until they have already passed. Cheers, David, New Zealand.
    04-11-08 10:20 PM
  2. Pete6's Avatar
    Just a thought, try renaming the file to a .jaD file and then copy it to your 8100, click on it and do a local-OTA install. It might work.
    04-12-08 06:34 AM