1. Zuben El Genubi#CB's Avatar
    Can't get certain contacts to show in contacts. Some are on the SIM, but I simply can't transfer them to contacts. I can make a new contact if the name isn't on the SIM, but I can't make the old contact show or relist it.
    I tried reentering, it would disappear. do a search on Contacts - no listing.
    Do a main search, and all the ones I tried to enter reappeared, but still on the SIM. I've tried transferring from the SIM, that doesn't work either.
    How do I get it all to show?
    BTW - can't put anything from the phone book into category, either.
    01-07-10 07:56 PM
  2. mostlydo's Avatar
    do you have a filter set up??? if you go to blackberry key>filter> its should display. if you the contact that you cannot view are on buisness you would have to click the buisness filter to view them, let me know if that helps. cheers.
    01-08-10 01:25 PM
  3. Zuben El Genubi#CB's Avatar
    Do have filters - stuck all the spammers under business. But I'm trying to reenter a family member as a contact. He was in the personal contact list and there were duplicates. Deleted one duplicate, and both entries disappeared.
    Can't get it to show back up in either personal or business. But the full entry is on the sim card or on an address book in the BB somewhere. Picture is there, ringtone is there, addy is there. It just won't show in contacts no matter what I do. I've even allowed duplicate names.

    What kind of apps were under default? in the contacts?
    01-08-10 04:16 PM