1. Movilsend
    I have a Pearl 8100 that i wish to upgrade.... prob is the device just disconnects on its own

    i plug it into my 2.0 USB port (windows 7 OS running on PC) and the device stays conected for 5 secs at most then disconnects, doesn't even allow Jl comm to do a wipe or anything

    i've also tried this on my 2 of my other PCs but same prob exists (other PCs are running on XP SP3) i don't know what to do anymore :S. i don't have this problem with any other BB exept pearls (FYI all pearls i've attempted... which is about 4 now give me the same prob, so im thinking this a prob with my computers?) any help is appreciated!
    11-12-09 12:06 AM