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    three questions from a new user; 1)is there any way to get my message viewer to display emails in HTML? and 2) is there any trillian-esque programs that handle all of my IM programs at once? 3) my wife and I have different models (8100 and 8110) and I can't seem to get BB messenger to connect the two, any help?
    08-12-08 09:29 PM
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    Well, I got the BB messenger one figured out, but the HTML one is the one I want to figure out.

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    08-13-08 07:39 AM
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    hey, i dont know about the HTML email situation...but with JiveTalk/BeeJive you can have Yahoo Msger, ICQ, MSN, AOL ect. on one list!
    08-13-08 07:56 AM
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    There are 3rd apps that will allow HTML emails, Empower and BBSmart are two examples. Also if you have OS 4.5 and BIS 2.5 then your emails should come through in HTML format without the need for a third party app. I believe its possible to download a trial verision of Empower. Probably best to do this and you can see if you like it
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    08-13-08 08:06 AM
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    What exactly is BIS 2.5?

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    08-15-08 08:39 AM
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    2.5 is the latest update to the Blackberry Internet Service. Most carriers updated to 2.5 a few months back
    08-15-08 01:43 PM