1. MylesKD's Avatar
    I know you guys have probably been through this but I'm pretty much fed up and I really just need some simple instructions on how to properly install the free application ColorPearl onto my BlackBerry Pearl 8100. I've been trying to do it for almost 3 hours, looking through numerous threads, and following advice, and I still could not get it to work! Every time I try to install it, DeskTop manager says that this program is not compatible with my phone, but I know that ColorPearl ONLY works with the 8100. PLEASE HELP!!
    11-27-09 11:30 PM
  2. mad_eyes's Avatar
    #1 do u have an 8110 or 8100? there's a difference.

    #2 which os are u running?

    i'm assuming a) u have an 8110 and therefore cannot run colorpearl or b) upgraded ur os to 4.5 and colorpearl no longer works.

    if b, there's program called blingball which can be found by following the installation guide at the top of this forum.
    11-28-09 12:35 AM
  3. MylesKD's Avatar
    I have an 8100.
    and thanks. I'll try blingball.
    11-28-09 01:11 PM