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    Hi all
    I have set up youmail as my default vm service. Its pretty cool but I have to dial a phone number to get my messages. Is there a way to reprogram the vm button so it takes me to said number? Thanks for help.

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    04-22-09 02:16 PM
  2. bherr's Avatar
    Are you talking about the default number when holding the 1 button?

    Go into the call log and go into options.
    Should be able to choose voicemail from there.

    Let me know if I misunderstood the question
    04-22-09 03:48 PM
  3. bfriskey's Avatar
    That will get you there but there is noway to enter a 'pause' or a 'wait' nor make the password automatic..Oooops, after re-reading I see some people didn't have the number at all.I want to automatically enter the password into voicemail..
    06-08-09 07:45 PM
  4. mittenedberry's Avatar
    i don't meant to sound snarky (that's not the intention at all!), but when i was playing around with youmail a week or two ago, they had pretty detailed instructions on how to set up/reset your voicemail speed dial. have you tried those? (i might just be misunderstanding your question though)
    06-11-09 03:30 AM
  5. bfriskey's Avatar
    I just want my voicemail to automatically play messages w/o me having to enter the password.. It used to do so and for some reason it stopped. I keep turning auto play to 'on ' at the provider level but it stops after a day or so. I cannot find where to edit memory #1 to add the wait or pause, the option does not exist in that location..Also, if I could find the service number I would merely add a different speed dial where I could add the wait or pause....So hard is life at times!!!!!
    06-19-09 12:59 PM
  6. jeffh's Avatar
    Green phone button / Menu / Options / Voice Mail / add your password. No need to program pauses; they'll be supplied automatically.
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    06-19-09 10:50 PM
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    God love you JeffH
    11-26-09 06:19 PM