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    I have a Pearl 8130 running v4.3.0.81 Platform I was originally on Altell and now I am involuntarily a Verizon customer. I can't send picture messages to a phone number, but I can send a pic in an email or to a BB messenger contact.

    The Verizon tech rep had me check numerous settings such as the MDN and update my phone but in the end he said updating the software would fix the problem. I had no problem sending picture messages when Altell was the provider.

    Can anyone suggest a solution. I don't want to update if I don't have to. I am currently able to tether to my mac without a tether plan and don't want to chance losing that nice little deal.

    Thank you!
    11-27-09 09:23 AM
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    11-27-09 05:54 PM
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    I have 4.5 on Sprint with mms (picturemail link) and I actually prefer emailing pics versus sending using the watered down mms. You can attach more than one picture and most of my buds have a smartphone have with their email synced. When using picture mail sometimes the internet locks up and freezes up the phone then I have to do a battery pull. It takes forever and a day for the pic to go through. I wish I could give you my mms.
    I tell my friends please email my yahoo because I can still pull them up and save 'em on my phone.
    BB email pics outranks picturemail links anyday.
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