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    Telus is my carrier, so i had to download the mts 4.5 os. So I downloaded both the handheld and desktop software and had no problems with the desktop software and began waiting for "upgrades" to pop up so I could download the handheld os to my phone. It didn't happen. I clicked in applications to see what new upgrades i could load onto my phone and there were none.. what happened to my handheld os? Do I need to downlaod it again? is there another site to download from?

    I realize this is probably a common problem, but I couldn't find the specific help I need when googling my problem.. so if anyone can help me, it's much appreciated.


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    10-02-09 08:02 PM
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    Try closing desk to manager then go to your carriers web site and down load the desired OS. Then open dm again. It won't recognize the available upgrade if it is open when you down load the new OS. Hope this helps.

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    10-02-09 10:48 PM
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    Are you downloading the Telus version of 4.5? If not you have to delete the vendor.xml file from the BB Desktop program folder.
    10-03-09 12:59 AM
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    First, which version of Desktop Manager did you download, and what Operating System is your computer running? Here's the OS you need for your Pearl:


    And here's a guide to installing it:

    10-03-09 07:02 PM