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    I haven't had this phone for long maybe a few weeks and everything was fine with it but now I can't read any txt.

    It will saying I have a new message and have the little star but for only a second then its gone. My ringer don't even have time to go off.
    All my message logs show I have no messages new or old.
    Call log has nothing in it.

    I can send txt without any problem. I did get a pic message and could read it but when I went back to look at it again it was gone.

    I did pull the battery two differnt times. That didn't seem to help any.
    It is a flashed phone but don't think that's the problem because it was working.

    I have not set up the email yet so no idea if that is working. If this has already been posted I'm sorry I could not seem to find it thanks so much for the help

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    01-05-10 11:52 AM
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    What? It was hard to read that. But um check to see how much free space you have, do a battery pull, and see if freeing up any space helps with this. The phone normally deletes messages and call logs when space is low, to free up space. That might be happening in this case.
    01-05-10 12:53 PM
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    It says my file free is 6501970 and file total is 50462720 I'm thinking that soulf be good right? Sorry still new to the BB world lol

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    01-05-10 01:26 PM
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    So after making this post it started working again but this morning I started acting up again. I pulled the battery and it was fine. Does anyone know if there is anything I can do to stop it?

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    01-07-10 11:07 AM