1. rossjones's Avatar
    I used to use the regular Pearl and could sync my contacts and calendars from Outlook 2007 without a problem. I was using an older version of Desktop manager for this.

    Now I have the 8220 and am trying to get my calendars from Outlook 2007 to transfer but it will only transfer 1 calendar, the main one. I have 2 calendars in Outlook 2007 and only the main calenday will transfer to the phone, but not the second one. I am currently trying to use Desktop Manager 5.0.1

    Please help me figure out how to transfer all my calendars to my BB. Thanks for the help!
    12-27-09 02:57 PM
  2. Flightless_Bird's Avatar
    When syncing calendars I switch my default calendar to the one I currently want to sync. Hense I must sync twice - once for each calendar. My calendars are on different computers (one for work and one for personal).

    options > Advanced options > default services > select your calendar.

    This allows all calendar entries on both calendars to show up on my phone on one calendar (entries are in two different colors) when I choose "show all calendars".

    I am not sure by your post if your intent is to keep these calendars separate....

    I hope this helps.
    12-27-09 03:42 PM
  3. CarrierUnlock's Avatar
    Exactly what the user above me stated. It will just require some extra work, but they should show up using the method stated above.
    12-27-09 03:47 PM