1. tuangratch's Avatar
    Hi I just recieved my aunts old blackberry pearl 8220, and I would like to know how to delete her defult email adress, I read the manual and tried going to advanced options then defult services but once I get there it wont let me delete it.

    Also is there a way i can delete all the memory in the phone?

    Thanks a lot!!
    05-29-10 07:20 PM
  2. pilsbury's Avatar
    to delete her email address, she will have to log in to her BIS account that she created when she set up her email.. its password protected, so she'll have to do it. As for wiping, go to options>security options>wipe/ wipe device. I think thats how, its been a long time since I had a pearl.
    05-29-10 07:26 PM