1. n1zln's Avatar
    Hey all, just got my first BlackBerry (an 8130 Pearl) from our friends at VZW. Looking forward to getting to know its abilities a little better, and I have come up with a question.

    I am using a Motorola H700 headset. On my V3M, I could end a call (equivalent to pressing the red end key) simply by closing the headset. On the BB, it automatically kicks over to handset mode (which the V3M only did while open, and then asked permission before unmuting the handset).

    Am I to assume there is no way to end a call simply by closing the H700? If not, it's fine, just will take a little retraining. Thanks for all your help, I've enjoyed poking through the forums, and hope to help out others when I can!

    12-05-07 11:50 PM