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    So, I get mocked. LOL, often. My last two phones were blackberry. I had the 8120 and now the 8220 after that one went for a swim(Hmm, Don't wash this blackberry)

    So, both models have WiFi and I've never been able to justify the added cost with getting a Data plan. Tmobile offers all or none(no per Kb charges, thank god, I'd be tempted sometimes)

    So, It seems to work really well for me personally. I have google email and google voice(and I use google voicemail for my voicemail because Tmobile has lost my voicemail one too many times)

    My email gets pushed to my phone via MMS(yea, It's not "email" but close enough) My voicemail gets sent to me via sms, transcribed. Everything else comes to me via SMS or MMS. Facebook, all that fun stuff. So I still can't justify a data plan.

    Almost everywhere I go has WiFi now(friends, family, McDonalds, well, if I went to mcdonalds) So if I need to hop online, I still can. The features like AIM and Yahoo don't mean alot to me because I never use them anyways.

    The one feature I did like when I had the trial data plan was Google Maps but without GPS, it wasn't a huge help(i know I could've gotten a GPS adapter, but again, that's why i have an actual GPS)

    So tell me, either how you're using your Blackberry w/o a data plan or what is so grand about a data plan. Not that you'll change my mind, just looking for some opinions and friendly talk about it(No screeching and argueing and yelling coz I don't have a data plan)
    11-24-09 05:23 PM
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    That's the way I use mine ... can't figure out who would want to surf like that anyway.
    11-24-09 06:32 PM
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    no screeching or arguing coming from me.
    I use my data plan a lot for BBM as well as web browsing when not around a computer. I work in a field where I sometimes have an hour to kill here or there and there may or may not be wifi around to use my iPod Touch. The data plan takes that need for wifi out of the equation when it comes to killing time. I use the facebook app to keep in touch with friends a lot too when I am on the move and not near a computer. I use between 300 and 400mb per month on average over the past year (when I got my first bb). I also stream radio feeds with slacker and pandora when I am at the poker table or between classes if I dont have one of my ipods with me.
    just my story and experiences.
    11-24-09 06:34 PM
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    I did forget to mention streaming radio. When I tried data, I used that some. Usually just out of convenience when I was in the shower. That is one thing I miss from the data plan though.
    11-25-09 12:50 AM
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    I had a T-Mobile Pearl on AT&T before my change to Sprint and now on Sprint I have the full deal on a Tour. I didn't mind not having BIS on AT&T but I wouldn't want to be without it now. Now that I have BIS and proper data, I know what the BB is capable of doing - which is a lot.

    Having said all that, there's no point arguing for or against data since just about every carrier requires it on new contracts.
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    11-25-09 12:54 AM
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    I know I am going way back -- but I have had my T-Mobile account since 2002 (when they were called Voicestream in my area). Back then, I had purchased a mobile-web plan for 3.99/mo. Eventually, T-mo took them over and I added lines to my plan. Their mobile-web plan rate changed to 5.99/mo. I've had this for years. It wasnt until I had hacked my RAZR that I really began using the web much on the phone. Now, with my Flip and this web plan, I can access the web fully - but I cannot utilize any of the BBM services. I can send and receive email and pictures.

    Kind of a strange way of using the device, but it works for me. And Google maps has been a godsend in many ways while I have been traveling (like trying to find a mini-golf course while on vacation for two very unhappy children)...
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    11-25-09 09:48 AM
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    It's the right plan for you. I don't think you're crazy at all. 'Course now we'll have BlackBerry die-hards calling us both crazy .

    One of the things I really looked forward to when I switched to T-Mobile was getting a BlackBerry and a data plan. I hardly ever talk on my phone. But I have a 1-hour train ride to and from work. Having data access makes that time productive. I use the web a lot to read news, research stocks, update Facebook, online banking, etc. Sometimes I find it necessary to log on to the company VPN and work on the train.

    My wife has become enamored of her Flip. She uses Facebook a lot, and likes having FB notifications pushed to her phone. She also uses the mobile web browser and BerryWeather outside the house. I realize she can do all this stuff over Wi-Fi, and in fact she spends a lot of time in Wi-Fi hotspots. But getting my wife to add a new Wi-Fi profile is like pulling teeth. It's easier to simply have a data plan on her phone; no muss, no fuss, everything works.
    11-25-09 10:53 AM
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    After my 3 year contract is up, I may go with just regular service/text, I hardly use the data part (maybe 6 MB per month, my limit is 500 MB) and text doesn't apply to it.
    11-25-09 02:05 PM
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    Having said all that, there's no point arguing for or against data since just about every carrier requires it on new contracts.
    T-mobile doesn't for all their phones. For the curve they do yes. The pearl they don't require(unless you want the mail in rebate of course. But you can still get the rebate without having the data plan requirement. If ya have questions on how, ask)

    Puhl64 - Glad to see another Voicestream customer, I remember the 3.99 web plan. They grandfathered it for me for years, but eventually I just wasn't using it and removed it. Wish I had that now.

    Sookster: With most carriers, add ons like data plans aren't subject to the contract date. At least with T-Mobile they're not(and sprint and verizion as far as I know, IDK about Telus, not in my area) So if you're not using it and saving money is a priority, check into it. I know with me, I'm a tightwad when it comes to money. I almost went for the wireless internet even though it was slower but would save me on my cable(and get me away from comcast) But I didn't want the hassle of internet connection sharing.
    11-25-09 09:55 PM
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    I currently have a data plan until the end of the month (mail&rebate) but really, I've barely used it. I'm usually either at school or at home, both places having wifi, so I have no need for one. I barely even get service at those places. There have been times where I've gone shopping with my mom just so I would get a chance to use my data plan. That's how much I don't need one. Although it is nice to be able to go on facebook on the long walk home from school.
    11-27-09 01:56 AM
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    My data plan for my Flip is capped at 5 GB from US Cellular. They say the 24.95 data plan is unlimited, but they dont ever expect you to use 5 GB (or get even remotely close for that matter) on your phone in a month so they dont worry about telling you that it is actually limited.

    Anyway, I love the data plan because everything I use on my phone is included in it. AIM, Yahoo, WLM, all of that which I use when I am not at home to keep in touch. I use pandora every once in a while, but thats the only thing I use that has the potential to knock the usage up there.
    11-27-09 05:08 PM
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    My data plan for my Flip is capped at 5 GB from US Cellular.
    The 8220 GSM Flip has WiFi which you can use for data access in HotSpots. The 8230 CDMA Flip is a different story because it doesn't have WiFi: no data plan, no data. That takes "crazy" to the next level. :-)

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    11-27-09 06:00 PM
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    This topic has been covered a bunch....plain and simply....there is really very little you can do without the data plan. Sure you can surf if you have WiFi and install a couple of apps but.....The vast majority of apps require a data plan. Also I've never understood the people who say they use their WiFi connection at home for their Flip?? If your at home why on earth would ya use a tiny phone instead of your computer

    To answer Toxics original question....it's pretty much all about the apps and I guess also having the luxury/need for an internet connection even if ya don't have an open WiFi signal around. For me that last one is a biggy.
    11-27-09 06:35 PM