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    Hey guys I'm really sorry if this has been posted and I just didn't find it but I have a problem, I'm on tmobile using the sim card in an unlocked blackberry pearl 9100. I need to get data now though for email and gps, is that possible? My real question is how do I set it up? I read on how to use the 9300 bold on tmobile with data but the process with the service book did not work. I have OS 6 and was just wondering do I just need to buy a BLACKBERRY data plan not just internet or do I need that and then also do something with settings? Please help guys I do not want to change to any other phone!

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    05-11-11 07:28 PM
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    You do need a BlackBerry data plan. Call T-Mobile customer service.

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    05-11-11 10:03 PM