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    How do I add a .JAD file to my phone ?
    blackberry desktop manager doesn't read it and the phone doesn't want to download it through the media card as wel
    01-15-12 05:07 AM
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    01-17-12 03:45 AM
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    I believe the .jad file is just the installation instructions (tells the BlackBerry OS what file to install and what it is). You need the actual .cod file (in your case, the theme file itself) that the .jad file is looking to install. And the .jad file is only used for OTA or direct from the memory card installs. Both the .jad and .cod theme file should be in the same folder to install from the memory card. The Desktop Manager does not use the .jad file.

    The Desktop Manager is looking for the companion .alx file to load a .cod file.
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    01-17-12 10:47 AM
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    Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but the best way to download JAD files is to go to the specific page from your browser in the Blackberry itself, and click the OTA (over the air) link. If the theme is supported, the blackberry will download, read it, and then it will say something like "Theme found. Activate now?" You can choose to do so or you can click no and it will be saved in your settings for later use.
    05-20-12 12:20 AM