1. smartbomb's Avatar
    Hello there. I'm new to this site (never had a BlackBerry before). I recently got a Pearl 8110, and I find the default browser to be a bit slow and frustrating. I was just wondering what browsers everyone recommends. If you can be bothered, a brief rundown of why they're better would be appreciated, too.

    07-22-09 01:25 PM
  2. alleycat0124's Avatar
    Opera mini is what I use on my Pearl. I find it to be relatively fast and very versatile, in that I can view web pages even if they aren't optimized for a mobile device.

    Opera Mini | The most popular mobile phone browser in the world
    07-22-09 01:27 PM
  3. eclipsegsohsix's Avatar
    I use BOLT and am very pleased with it =)
    07-22-09 03:30 PM
  4. KillYouWithMyMind's Avatar
    i personally like the BB browser the best but i only have very brief experience with opera mini and bolt.
    07-22-09 03:57 PM
  5. cherryjuice's Avatar
    I use opera mini for links my bb browser won't load.

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    07-22-09 11:04 PM
  6. wclement7's Avatar
    I used opera mini for about 80% of everything i did. I tried the bolt browser but i found it to be too slow for navigation
    07-23-09 12:36 AM
  7. Lynda33's Avatar
    I use the bb browser and bolt. bolt can load everything but is slow at times. I didn't like opera mini much. bolt has a landscape feature that I LOVE. try them all then decide
    07-23-09 12:53 AM
  8. Nick917's Avatar
    I've always gone back to the BB browser after using Opera Mini and Bolt.

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    07-23-09 02:04 PM