1. loconite's Avatar
    Hello all

    Picking up a BB8100 and had a couple of questions to ask:

    1. Is there any real estate (pref Canadian) related software for BB 8100?

    2. Is it possible to edit MS Word/Excel docs with third party software?

    3. What is the best presentation software (a la Powerpoint) for BB 8100?

    4. Is it possible to connect BB 8100 to projector for presentions?

    5. What are some other essential business apps for BB 8100?

    Thanks in advance...
    02-26-07 12:24 PM
  2. coldchill's Avatar
    i think you are actually looking for this website : http://www.dollars5.com/plete/blackberry hope it solves most of your problems
    02-26-07 12:33 PM
  3. loconite's Avatar
    Thanks coldchill...
    the site is good but the apps are more media centric and less business oriented...still some useful apps on there
    02-26-07 01:59 PM