1. corrindave's Avatar
    ok, from my understanding the 9100 is basically the 9700 in a smaller package with a couple added features (wifi N, media keys on the top) so why are there some apps that work fine on the 9700 not able to work on the 9100 ?

    i can't use poynt, urbanspoon and shazam to name a few. i understand that some apps have to be configured by the developer to work on certain models, but come on.... i'm starting to feel let down that i basically downgraded from my 9700. you would think that if the phone has the same specs it would be able to do the same work..... or is this developer's ways to show they don't like the 9100 by not supporting it ? and if so why....

    i'm sorry, but if i was blackberry i would have something in there that says if you make an app it has to meet this level of support or it can't be used on a BB brand phone. i would say the curve 8900 should be the base support level and go up from there, so as long as it meets an 8900 spec it should work. once the groundwork of the app is there it's not that hard to configure it for another models keyboard or buttons.

    it's kind of embarrassing when my 9100 has way better specs than the 8520 but yet it runs those apps while mine just looks pretty, and i use the excuse "i just have no interest in those apps" to stem off the questions of why can't they run on your phone ?

    anyone have any answers ?
    01-17-11 12:47 PM
  2. kurtla's Avatar
    similar specs to a 9700 but that is about it, its a totally different device and therefore apps must be sized up on on a case by case basis. if you are an app hound this may not be the device for you - really - for me its a nice sized cell phone that has good voice quality, decent battery life, snappy performance and give one instant outlook via bes, nothing more. I have berry weather, txtforward and google mobile apps and that is about it I think - works great for what it is imo
    01-17-11 02:57 PM
  3. corrindave's Avatar
    oh don't get me wrong... i love the phone. and it works great, but the apps that i use most are not on the 9100.... yet.

    for instance, if you read todays posting on urbanspoon it says it works on all models yet it does not show up on BB store and if i scan the bar code it goes to the app but does not allow me to DL it.

    good thing i have my htc magic to balance out the difference
    01-17-11 06:32 PM
  4. kurtla's Avatar
    don't know what to say, I use laptops for apps and my phone for, well my phone but i get where you are coming from
    01-17-11 08:01 PM
  5. Evan_O's Avatar
    Yeah I completely understand. I don't have one (9700 owner) but have been eyeing this as a "mate" for mine. Kind of disappointing to see really. Maybe they will be released in future *crosses fingers for future compatibility*

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    01-17-11 08:29 PM
  6. Denise in Los Angeles's Avatar
    You can always visit the mobile website for urbanspoon:


    And there was a link for shazam in another post in this forum, but I'm not in the mood
    to find it tonight.
    01-17-11 09:16 PM