1. N999's Avatar
    hi all, i just came across this annoying problem with the blackberry messenger.
    ive added a contact does not show in pending yet the contact gets the request and accepts. on the contacts list it says 9 contacts but only shows 8. i can still talk to him by sending him a file so that he can show up on my converstations list but he is still invisible and i am too for him. i tried everything it wouldnt not work. has anyone been through the same problem? can you help.

    thank you.

    EDIT: we both have the 8120 pearl if that helps.
    08-03-08 05:25 PM
  2. J_MC's Avatar
    Have you tried pulling the battery? If that does not work, both need to delete each other and add again.
    08-03-08 05:29 PM
  3. N999's Avatar
    both pulled battery, both deleted and re added multiple times still not working..
    08-03-08 05:34 PM