1. chayzarit's Avatar
    My Pearl was great and then it fell out of my pocket when I was in the rain, and it was out buttons up for about 10-20 seconds. When I picked it up it said SIM Card Error, so I wiped it down and then reinserted the battery.

    It worked perfectly. No issues.

    However, now every few my BB messenger messages arent sending, and it's sitting on the hourglass and I don't know if it's still cuz of the rain.
    Is there any way to check??
    12-17-08 11:13 PM
  2. gammaxgoblin's Avatar
    If you were to reinstall/restore to original software settings and it still occurs, its a hardware problem. If you completely disassemble it and scour the circuitry for signs of corrosion or use some electrical testing equipment you can be certain. LOL
    12-17-08 11:40 PM
  3. chayzarit's Avatar
    How do I do that? What does corrosion look like? Is this a time bomb? Would the corrosion have already occured? This happened over a week ago. Should I put in near some place warm?
    12-17-08 11:44 PM
  4. chayzarit's Avatar
    I dont know what to do! The phone worked fine the whole time! I'm scared corrosion is happening inside, this happened a week ago is it too late to put in rice???
    12-18-08 09:45 AM
  5. SevereDeceit's Avatar
    Remove the battery, and put the device in a bag of dry rice for 24 hours, see how it is...
    12-18-08 09:51 AM
  6. chayzarit's Avatar
    Ok, it's in the rice now, but I don't think I can be phoneless that long, will 8 hours cut it?
    12-18-08 10:28 AM
  7. chayzarit's Avatar
    3 hours and way too much separation anxiety. I shook out all the rice- and it's on now. I will leave it in the rice all weekend. I replaced the battery, should this make a difference?
    12-18-08 01:04 PM