1. Tristan Raghnall's Avatar

    Was wondering what the feature was called that's pulled up when we HOLD down the BB menu button. When we hit it once fast, all the icons we have available comes up - I don't mean that. It's sort of like the 4 most recently used items that comes up in a popup that shows 4 icons.

    Secondly, can this be customized permanently? I'd find it much more useful to have 4 static items there and not the recently used ones. Can this be done? p.s., I don't mean what it pulled up when you just hit the BB menu button once without holding - that just brings up all the stuff you have available, all the icons other than is what on your home screen.

    01-22-12 12:25 PM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Pressing and holding the Blackberry button will show all the apps that are currently running. Home, Messages, Phone, Browser, and Blackberry Messenger will always appear. Any other apps that are currently running will also appear. This feature cannot be modified.
    01-22-12 12:37 PM
  3. hubermania's Avatar
    Holding down the Menu key brings up the task switcher as lak611 explained. If you are looking for convenience keys and shortcuts, there are apps like ShortcutMe and QuickLaunch to quickly launch applications. I used ShortcutMe a LOT when the 8220 was my everyday phone. Both can be found in the CrackBerry app store.
    01-24-12 06:06 PM
  4. amaaaazin's Avatar
    hey, i am having the same problem! the menu button on my blackberry works to bring up the menu but when i want to change my picture on bbm or move icon's on my menu. The menu that pops up at the side just doesnt work! anyone have any ideas!? please..
    04-29-12 06:16 AM