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    I have a BB pearl 8130 (pink) alltel carrier. It takes times when it will not make ANY sound...alarms,mess.tones,ringers,media, video sounds,music..nothing . push play on the media player and it immediately pauses!! I called alltel was told it was a "THING" with all BB's and to take out the battery. did that. Am still doing that. was told to try to keep device memory above 15 mil bytes.I dumped everything in memory and card.best i can get is 5.37mil bytes. Sent my new one back to alltel for the problem, was sent a reman. replacement in Sept. this one is worse than the orig. called alltel back...was told to call BB. I got the runaround from them and was told to call back alltel. I have a memory card in it. this phone will go "silent" any time of day several times a day.i use the alarn and the screen shows it's going off...but NO SOUND I tried to do the "test"thing on the status screen but it wont work on this phone..or i'm doing something wrong. Does anyone have any idea whats going on whit this type of phone.
    11-24-09 09:11 AM
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    You may have too many apps installed. He pearl has very limited memory. And yes it is normal for this phone to need regular battery pulls to maintain optimal memory. Its a great device but you must actively manage the memory. Delete things like languages that you don't use. If you don't use docs to go or password keeper, delete them. Do this by options>applications>scroll to the desired item >menu>delete. But be careful and read through the threads here on crackberry and learn what you can and cannot delete. If you delete the wrong thing you will brick your phone. If you aren't sure about something ask about it before you delete it.

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    11-24-09 11:43 AM