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    I noticed something funny on my Pearl, and maybe someone could enlighten me. I'm currently running the .174 AVEA OS, and I've deleted all sorts of useless junk including unused themes and apps in order to increase it's file free space. I run QuickPull every morning and start the day out with around 18 MB of file free space. As the day goes on, it decreases to around 13MB. I also clear my call logs and cache operations constantly. I have an app called BBLight, so my screen is on whenever my Pearl is charging or plugged into my computer. I noticed that when my screen was lit, my file free space would increase or at the very least, stabilize. I also used to have LogMaid running in the background, but every time it kicked in, the file free space would actually decrease! This also happened when I put my Pearl on standby. Long story short, I deleted LogMaid, and set up BBLight to always be on. Now, I'm usually at the office, and my Pearl is plugged into my computer, so today it's file free space never dropped below 17MB, and actually got to a little over 21MB! Whenever I made a call or used the browser, I got more file free space than before! Obviously, when I left the office for lunch with my screen on, I didn't lose any file free space, but my battery level dropped. So my question is, do I have to sacrifice battery life in order to get a higher level of free space?
    11-06-09 08:26 PM
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    I also use bblight, but my file free isn't that stable. If your battery is dropping on the office USB, try using a rear port. It will probably provide enough power to keep it fully charged.

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    My bblight i believe was my culprit to this, i had an os problem and had to delete the program, when i reinstalled the os and left that app off ive noticed a more stable memory .
    11-08-09 05:38 PM