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    My phones the Pearl 9100 (Rogers) Anyways, I got this phone on September 21st and I'm still having problems with the battery. The issue is that it's dying really fast after a whole night charge for ex: I charge it when I go to bed I wake up & through out the day by like 5-8 the battery is already at 55% :S or lower..I hardly ever use the browser, I don't have any apps, WiFi is off as well Bluetooth. I don't make long calls nor a lot - only thing I really use on the phone is BBM and sometimes texting & MSN (hardly).

    I called Rogers today about it & the guy told me that my phone is indeed dying really quickly so I wasn't sure if I was just overreacting since I was so use to my old Pearl's Battery (8100) since it would last days (like almost 2 weeks) without a charge. He suggested I do a full system restore that it might fix the problem & give it 24 hours & if that doesn't fix the phone then they might have to send me the phone which I really hope that isn't the problem lol.

    Another note, I have been told by friends that I should let my phone completely die 2 times then charge it full to help this problem but Rogers told me that it makes no different & they really say not to do that since my battery is that Lithium-ion type. Is there anything else I can do before I try this system restore thing? (My OS is update I had to install something for Rogers cause of the WiFi Calling.)


    Edit: Another note, does it matter too which charger I use? lol I know it sounds silly but my friend said he was using the new usb charger & it comes with that little piece you plug into the wall & he said after he got the actually wall charger one his phone seemed to charge faster. I don't know if it really matters or not but I've been using the usb charger with the little wall plug in thing since I got the phone.
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    you have a return window, I would use it. what v is your os? its super important for max battery to close everything when not in use. holding your bb key will tell you what is open, there are 5 core items that remain open all the time and a sms forward if you have it would make 6.
    10-19-10 04:43 PM
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    I had the same problem with my 8110. I contacted AT&T about it, and they actually just exchanged the battery for a brand new one. No questions asked, no cost. Since you've had the phone less than 30 days, I would definitely inquire Rogers about getting a new battery.
    10-19-10 05:29 PM
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    good point but drain could be from either apps, battery or the device. if 2 out of 3 can be crossed off @ the same time I think its a better plan to just start fresh.
    10-19-10 06:34 PM
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    Thanks for replying.
    @ Kurtla - OS v5.0.0.882
    when I hold the bb key what shows is: Browser (but I made sure I closed it), Messages, Home, Phone, BBM that's it.

    @Zando32 - The Rogers guy suggested that last lol he really said the problem could be either the OS, the phone then battery.
    10-19-10 06:58 PM
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    882 is good, I would swap out the unit and battery if you still can
    10-19-10 07:00 PM
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    @ Kurtla - so you mean I should just get the new phone then? not a battery?
    10-19-10 07:11 PM
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    both - why take one or the other, getting both new will provide the best landscape for success I think. don't get a warranty device, unwind the deal if you have to but start off with all new imo
    10-19-10 07:20 PM
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    @ Kurtla - so when I do get it, should I let it completely die then charge it etc? or what? Cause I've heard different stories about to do it or not to do it so Idk what I should do lol. I'm gonna call Rogers tmw to get a new device & stuff & my warranty is for a year haha also does it matter which charger I use for my pearl? I know its silly to think otherwise but I'm just wondering since I got only the usb charger
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    good call, its a great device but its got to work like it should. re the battery, its $ 3 so it means nothing to me - I don't do anything special to it - I don't like to overuse the usb port for it as I don't have a warranty so I let it drain to ~20% or so and then hit it with a charge
    10-19-10 07:30 PM
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    Yeah I usually charge it when its at 1 bar (its yellow) I think that's 20 or 15%? then do a full night charge.
    Thank you for replying / helping me
    10-19-10 07:44 PM
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    np, good luck with the replacement
    10-19-10 07:49 PM