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    Do I have a bad battery? I charge it to full then I unplug it and leave it to idle and it stays above 90% battery capacity for hours, but if I pick it up and do a couple texts and check the weather, it drops to 30-35% battery almost instantly. I've tried killing the battery all the way down on purpose and charging it fully back up and it doesn't seem to do the trick. At this rate I have to have the phone on the charger every single night. I've used quickpull (free), but I'm beginning to suspect my personal created theme might have something to do with it as it might have a memory leak or causing heavy processor usage.

    Would this be just a bad battery, or does anyone else experience this kind of poor battery life? I need to go pick up a spare one, especially for my Christmas vacation, I won't always be near a wall plug.

    That's pretty much my only gripe about the flip.
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    11-21-09 02:58 PM
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    Run the stock theme for a while and see if that helps.

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    11-21-09 07:11 PM
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    I switched to the regular Zen theme last night, so far battery is still holding up and I did several texts today, the [|||||] is still showing full. It may very well have been a memory leak in the theme, but I'll keep toying with it this week.
    11-22-09 12:31 PM
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    I charge mine every night. I'm just used to that. IDK if yours is a leak or anything.

    I do know having wifi on and bluetooth on both will drain the battery quicker than without. When I'm not using bluetooth, I turn it off. When I'm in a wifi free area, I turn it off.

    Also, check your local walmart/target. I bought a car charger for $5 on clearance. I think it was for a palm treo or some other older PDA, but it used micro USB, so it works just fine.
    11-25-09 10:53 PM