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    I've done some reading on this and other forums about this issue and can't seem to find a definitive answer. I have an 8100 WITHOUT data plan currently. It would be nice to be able to send/receive MMS since my wife likes to do that a lot (pics of the baby during the day), but without data plan no worky.

    I read that you could call T-mobile and have them add the BlackBerry Feature Enabler to your service and that was one way to work around it. Called them, they don't offer it anymore. I also read that by simply upgrading my OS from 4.2 to 4.5 it would solve the problem, but then another commenter said no it doesn't and the only way to have MMS is through the data plan.

    Can someone please confirm whether adding the data plan is the ONLY solution here? I know I'm being cheap ($30 a month) but hey, money's tight right now. If simply upgrading to 4.5 does the trick, great. But I'm also on a Mac and so far the DM for Mac has been a bit buggy for me. Worked great for the first 2 days, then it stopped connecting to device, so I'm a little leery of trying to do the upgrade. Anyways, long post for such a short question, can anyone help?
    11-22-09 02:37 AM
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    Sorry, the only way to get mms is by getting a data plan. Upgrading to 4.5 might fix some bugs with mms but nothing will enable it without actually paying for the service itself

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    11-22-09 03:41 AM
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    Ok, thanks for the reply!
    11-22-09 11:48 AM
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    well im not sure if TMO is same as ATT in this aspect, but you could try a "pay per use" type plan. it worked for my new 8100. Also i have the OS on mine. upgraded it yesterday to that
    11-24-09 01:49 PM