1. kjf46's Avatar
    Hi all,

    Had the Pearl now for a week, loving it! But I have a little niggle I'm hoping I can solve with your experience ...

    When my Pearl is in its holster and I get an email or message if I then take the Pearl out it displays the message or goes straight to it, is there anyway I can turn this feature off ?


    06-13-08 12:08 PM
  2. Adam Zeis's Avatar
    Pretty sure thats the way it works if you pull it out right away - it will open the message. If you wait a bit (don't remember how long) I don't think it does it .. don't quote me on that
    06-13-08 12:18 PM
  3. kjf46's Avatar
    Thanks .... gotta resist the temptation then
    06-13-08 06:00 PM
  4. anon(21800)'s Avatar
    I believe if you lock your keys before putting in holster it will also prevent this problem from occuring.

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    06-14-08 06:53 PM
  5. pj41's Avatar
    Or you could turn off your sound notification for your email. Then you would only know when you actually look.
    06-14-08 09:17 PM