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    Hey guys,

    Here's the deal. I live in a very promiscuous college community to say the least (Isla Vista, CA if you know it).
    Over the weekend I was out at a party by the water when I saw this guy who was obviously a bit drunk and he was highly upset and ranting. He was clutching a Pearl in his hand and was literally about to throw the phone into the water! I asked him what was up and he tells me that it's his girlfriend's phone and that he looked through it and found out that she was cheating on him with 3... yes 3 different guys.
    Well I told him not to throw the phone in the water and he literally tossed the phone to me and told me to get it out of his face...

    Now I have a nearly new Pearl in my possession that I'd like to try out but I'm worried. First of all, the phone is a Cingular phone and I have AT&T I believe, but I don't think that's a problem. I don't have a charger or any accessories for the phone and I don't want to pay for them if the phone won't work for me though. Secondly, the phone was tossed to me by this girl's boyfriend, but not her. I don't want the phone to be reported stolen and to get in trouble for this because I certainly did not do anything wrong, but I don't want to try my SIM in it and get in trouble for something stupid. Lastly, I have a Treo 650. I can do a lot with my Treo and I don't want to lose a great amount of functionality. Is it worth it to give it a try? Should I take any precautions? Do I have to unlock the phone?

    Thanks guys. I hope you enjoy this story as much as my friends do when I tell them how I got a brand new $200 phone.
    08-09-07 04:58 AM
  2. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Firstly, let's keep this thread on track, if it strays from the main issue of the device, I will close it without hesitation...

    So, in answer to your question(s). I say give the device back! Find the person who gave it to you, or look through the address book for a home number and give the girl her phone back. I know, it will be hard, but you'll thank me in the long run...
    08-09-07 06:37 AM
  3. moosen34's Avatar
    LOL... I knew I would get that reply and of course I thought about doing that. I honestly have no remorse for the type of girls that I see around here. It's ridiculous, and you would understand the way I feel if you saw what I see every weekend, and how broken hearted this guy was about finding out this information. These girls are why Isla Vista is the STD capital of the nation and 1 in 4 has some type of disease. I don't want to find ways to justify it to myself or to you. This is just the way I feel about the situation. If I don't use it, I'll probably throw it in the ocean where it would have been if I hadn't stopped the guy.

    Had this been any other type of situation, I would return the phone without a doubt. I am not a morally corrupt person and any one who knows me knows that if there was a "right thing" to do, I would do it.

    The phone is dead though and I've had it since Friday or Saturday..

    I didn't look through it before it died and I don't have a way to charge it right now. I'm sure I could go through some trouble to find a way to charge it and return the phone to this girl, but I don't care to do that because I don't feel the owner deserves my effort
    08-09-07 07:11 AM
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    If I were to charge the phone, I would make sure to text each and every guy she is playing and tell them the situation so no one else gets hurt by this girl, or even worse catches something from her
    08-09-07 07:13 AM
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    The phone is essentially stolen. The right thing to do is give it back to her or her boyfriend. Either way, it is in no way yours. If you give it back to the boyfriend, and he destroys it, fine then it is on him not you.

    Maybe you should turn it in to the police. I believe they will give you back an item after so many days if the original owner doesn't come looking for it.

    This thread is locked though, we aren't going to tell you how to use a phone that isn't yours. Just because the girl cheated on him, doesn't mean you get to keep her phone.
    08-09-07 07:21 AM