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    All, I have an 8130 Pearl and I have never had an issue with Bluetooth address/phone book transfer in my car. It was working fine yesterday. Today, only recently dialed numbers would transfer. The only thing I have done was installed the new Desktop Software for Mac yesterday and performed one sync. When I manually try an address book transfer, I get a message on the phone that tells me: 1) it failed, and 2) to check the handheld device's manual. I have checked the settings on the phone and all is fine. I have deleted and repaired the phone, same problem. I have reset the Pearl, same problem, Again, the only new thing I have done is install the new desktop software. Anyone experience this problem? Does RIM monitor this forum? If so, please issue a fix. Or, if someone believes there is another fix and the desktop software is not the problem, please adivise. Thanks.
    10-03-09 11:16 PM